What's In A Title?

PADRE explains why the music is called what it is on his debut album Possible Worlds.

Detail from the painting Chapel St Cantatas VII by Heather Betts

Music is time away from my compulsive repetitive self to do something compulsive and repetitive. I hope to visit unfamiliar places that nevertheless feel like home. Possible Worlds.

Laser Room is musing on how the old DJ Dag tune, 'Where Is Dag?', made me feel back then. "He is in the Laser Room", the robot voice replied. I imagined Dag putting on a ten minute track and nipping down to the laser room to nut off, leaving an empty DJ booth behind.

I like the double meaning of the title Wild Hair and hope that the tune is impulsive like 'having a wild hair', and also majestic like long curls.

Leaving London used to have WB Yeats reciting his "Lake Isle of Innisfree" poem over an ambient ending. I kept only one line because I want Possible Worlds to keep the 'p' in party. Yeats' poem was inspired by a poster of the Scottish island he saw, a hundred years ago, in a London travel agent's window.

Arriving at Possible World via the first three tunes makes it the emotional payload of the album. The Zen House core.

In case things just got too deep, Ski Instructor arrives. It had a downhill slalom feel even before Oe added his mysterious tale of something going badly wrong at the foot of the Pyrénées.

The title is already in my mind, waiting to be found.

Falling Rocks is a brief Sisyphean interlude, because senseless suffering and death are where we are all heading. Best not to worry about it though.

Glorious Body meditates on more desirable forms.

I don't need to explain Empty Beach do I?

Professor Firefly was an idyllic Brighton seaside afternoon in my studio in the clouds.

These Are The Days is another complex story cast in simple language by Oe who appears on vocals and guitar.

You read all of that so may be crazy enough to spare an hour for Padre - Possible Worlds?

Thanks for your interest.

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