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Oleeva Podcast Nineteen by Nau Leone

The Spanish multi-instrumentalist, label and studio owner Nau Leone is responsible for the nineteenth oleeva podcast. He's kindly answered a few questions and provided an insight into his life, label, studio and the mix itself.

You've got a lot going on at the moment, your own label with very regular releases, your own productions and you run a recording studio. Tell us what a typical week in your life is like.

Normally it's quite mad... But also for me it is very important to have time for everything. Generally, I spend 80% of the time in the studio where I do almost everything (productions, studio works, listening to demos...). I always get some time during the week to work out and spend time with my partner, this is really important to me, it helps me be focused and not losing my mind. Lately I'm working a lot from home on 'office' stuff such as mailing, project planning, etc. I always leave some free time for mind resetting.

Building and running a studio is definitely a dream of ours. We would love to know more about the 'Be Your Own Studio'. Where is it, how did it begin and what kind of a relationship does it have with your label? We are taking notes.

The studio is located in my hometown in Madrid. At first it was a bunker rehearsal music room back when I started playing music. Slowly with the years it transformed into Be Your Own Studio (est. 2018). It's like my baby, I putted a lot of time and effort into creating the brand and start building connections in the music industry and audiovisual world. The brand apart from the basic studio services, also holds artists solutions (music side services) and academy where I have formed several people in the past years, also helping artists reach their goals with mentorship and project management. It's very connected with the label for all the technical work (Mixes, Mastering, Track Reviews, PR, Mentoring...). It really helps sometimes.

Outside of the music world, if you get some free time away from the studio and the label, how do you like to spend your time? What makes you happy?

I really like to reconnect with my body, mind and soul. A walk in nature, or spending some time with my loved ones really helps. But I also love films, video games, go watch and dance some artists I love to local clubs, and food (probably food is THE thing that makes me happiest hahaha).

You recently published work with the photographer Helena Lee. We saw some incredible photos of icecaps and glaciers alongside a beautiful Spotify playlist you had made together. How did this collaboration come about?

First, I was analysing our socials and quickly felt weird about it, artworks, music releases, music reviews... It is what it's supposed to be, but my first idea with the label was to connect it with nature, different arts and build a family and a like-minded community more than just music. So, to bring more calm and art to our profile I did this idea of collaborating with friends and artists I really like and connecting music with nature and world pictures. Helena is a friend of mine, a true music lover and a really good photographer and she instantly said yes for going ahead with the collaboration.

What can we expect from you and the label in the near future?

There will be a really important announcement in late August - early September both for Nau Leone + BYO Label. Also I want to focus on long/mid-term projects and maybe more live shows.

It seems like the natural world, sustainability and conservation are all quite important to you. What kind of future do you see for us on planet earth? Do you think we have damaged it beyond repair?

It is important. And it should be to everyone. Despite the fact that I'm trying to help.. My vision is quite negative. I think we have really damaged it and we're running out of time. It is already late to start helping, but everyone should start NOW. Doing what? Whatever it can help and reduce our footprint. And also raising awareness. Back to the music. Thank you for recording this podcast, it's a really sweet one, with a lot of personality packed into a short time. Can you please tell us a little more about some of the tracks you chose to include?

Thank YOU, for inviting me and giving me this beautiful space. To Be honest, this was recorded back in 2020 when we released 'Let it Ride EP' with Yarni in Oleeva Records, a very special one. I included the tracks from the EP and also some emotional electronic tracks from electronica to downtempo with ambient, and soft techno touches. A set to lay down, breath and flow.

Which leads nicely to the final question. Three albums you couldn't live without, and why they are so special for you. Go!

It's very hard to just name 3.. probably tomorrow I'll change my opinion, but I guess this albums change my mind at some point and help me built into me the person I am today

Gorillaz - Gorillaz

I was 7-8 years old and my father took my brother and I to a record store in the city centre and let us choose whatever we wanted. When the record stores were full of cds and headphones to listen to some previews.. to be honest, I didn't hear anything.. I really loved the cover and these characters they created haha... Then at home I almost burnt the cd player with these songs.. And I really discovered an amazing band with great productions.

Stromae - racine carrèe

Stromae is one of those artists I really admire because of the 'world' he created. Great music, vocals, productions, designs, staging.. I saw him live some weeks ago in a festival in Bilbao and maybe the best concert I have seen in my life. His songs marked some whole generations..

Jon Hopkins - Immunity

This album discovered me an electronica world I never heard before


1. Coldplay - Midnight (Piek Rework)

2. Yarni, Nau Leone - Let it Ride

3. Yarni, Nau Leone - La Melodia

4. Joe Goddard - Truth is Light

5. HVOB - Panama

6. Jesper Ryom - Ghostly

7. Christian Löffler ft. Mohna - Haul

8. Lady Blackbird - Beware The Stranger (Chris Seefried's Ambient Excursio)

9. David August - Blossom

10. Laurent Garnier & Chambray - Feelin' Good

11. Durante & HANA - 13 Voices

12. Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure

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